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Is it just me, or are emo boys really hot at the moment? That combination of funky clothes, super stylish hair and 'I don't give a damn' attitude is so cool, and I never knew how good a little kohl could look on a guy - intense! Also I love that whole aloof yet vulnerable attitude as well that is so attractive, and those boys are smart too and not just interested in the latest lads mag, you can actually have a meaningful conversation with them!

So how do you spot an emo boy then? Well firstly it's all about the hair. It should be straight, choppy, glossy and textured, with a long floppy fringe to frame the face. Black is the base colour for all emo styles, but most people get inventive with highlights/lowlights and big chunks of colour in anything from electric blue, neon pink, white blond to scarlet red. Most emo boys are really in to spikes as well, so hairstyles will be textured, combing smart razor sharp layers with spikes and sweeping fringes. Emo hair is always well styled and in tiptop condition, and scruffy, badly dyed hair in garish colours is more punk than emo. Secondly emo boys love their clothes and this can range from serious emo music lovers who wear band t-shirts, tight dark jeans and classic emo black hoodies, to seriously glam emo boys who love to dress up in sharp shirts and ties, normally in contrasting colours like black and red, and also lots of accessories including belts, studs and bangles. Emo boys are not shy of using a little make up too, and a smudge of kohl round big dark eyes is incredible sexy, and dark nail polish really suits those boys with strong, elegant hands. It can be tempting to go over the top with make up though, and too much eyeliner is straying into Goth territory and is a bit more scary than sexy!

If you fancy an emo boy, its best not to rush straight up to him and ask him out, instead subtly find out what he is interested in from friends, and look for clues such as band names on his bag or t-shirt. Once you know a bit about him you can start up a meaningful conversation, emo boys are often pretty thoughtful and deep, and don't tend to want to talk about inconsequential things like what was on TV last night and general gossip. It is especially important do to some research if you are not emo yourself, and making sure you are up on the scene will mean you have something intelligent to bring to the conversation. Also try not to babble on as he will likely find this a bit shallow and irritating. Keep it cool and friendly to start with and don't pressure him by following him around and staring at him all the time. A few flirty smiles when you happen to see him and a quick hello can be much more effective then running up to him everywhere he goes, as it will keep a little mystery and make you interesting rather than annoying. It doesn't hurt for you to go to a few gigs you think he might also attend, as this will show him you have things in common and will give you a chance to get to know each other in a neutral setting, but don't stalk him around everywhere he goes as this will totally freak him out!

Most importantly try and be yourself. Whether you are emo or not, pretending to be interested in something is impossible to keep up for any length of time, and can make you look really fake and shallow. It is ok to learn more about what the boy you like is into, and you may find you like some aspects too, but keep things real and don't be afraid to disagree sometimes, as this can make for some really stimulating conversations, and emo's love to debate on all things especially music and identity.

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