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Emo kids typically dress to express their inner feelings to the world.
For example, my friend commited suicide a year ago, and for a few weeks after that I would wear a black tight shirt (tight meaning 2 sizes too small). And black jeans with my friends name written all over them in white-out.

Emo kids don't pick out outfits ahead of time, they wear whatever they want, whenever they want. Almost everything has a sentimental or personal value. And a lot of the stuff you see will have cutom markings, or drawings done on them.
They do NOT dress to stand out, or to look different. It's all based on how they are feeling when they put that item of clothing on.

Although, a lot of emo kids will always be found wearing a dark style. The style includes:
-Tight shirts with either NO logos or emo bands - such as Fall Out Boy or Hawthorne Heights.
-Tights jeans with faded colors, usually black.
-Bracelets, or necklaces with sentimental value. Emo's just don't put on things to make them look cool.
-Belts, usually checkered with an awesome looking belt buckle.
To sum it all up, emo's have their own sense of fashion. It's ALWAYS unique and ALWAYS has a personal side to it.

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