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The emo haircuts work best with the proper look and wardrobe, for some emo hair makes them look like gods, for some like fags.

Here are the best emo hair cuts for boys, pictures included:

Short Emo Hair Cut - short emo haircuts are not so cool, if you ask me, actually they are hideous. Better grow your hair and have one of the medium emo hair cuts, which I love.

Medium Emo Hair Cuts

- Something like this. Medium emo hair for boys

Now let's move on to emo hair cuts for girls:

Black Emo Girl Haircuts

If you have your best friend that has a blonde emo hair cut, this will be even 10 times cooler because of the contrast - see this pic?

Blonde emo girl hair cuts

Messy Emo Haircuts - Messy hair cuts are the thing (also my style), they totally rock the house.

Messy hair cut emo

Short Emo Girl Hair Cuts - If you opt for a short haircut, then choose one of these emo hair cuts, please, hehe. I just love them.

Straight short emo girl hair

Emo Hair Cuts

Short and bit messy emo hair cut

Emo Hair Cuts

Long Emo Girl Hair Cuts

Emo Hair Cuts

Curly Emo Girl Hair Cuts - more and more curly girls are looking for an emo girl hair cut, so these was brought in. Unfortunately, I have not found pictures with curly emo girls, if you have one send it over.

Curly Scene Girl Haircut

Ponytails Emo Girl Hair Cuts - no, don't go with ponytails emo hair cuts unless you lost a bet and you can't bribe the person you lost it to. Ponytails emo hair cuts will make you look horrible and childish (not childish cute, but rather silly and stupid).

Colored Emo Hair Cuts - Red is quite hot, and also blue, pink and violet.

emo girl hair cut

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