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Emo means a lot of different things to different people, but basically it describes a sub-genre of punk, that incorporates a particular style of fashion and music. Emo hair styles can be varied, but they all incorporated three basic elements:

Black - true Emo hair styles start from a basic deep black colouring. Very few people have truly black hair, so this is usually a dyed in colour, which can also be combined with streaks and sections of other colours, from natural lowlights/highlights to vivid punk type colours like neon pinks and electric blues.

Asymmetrical - Emo haircuts are typically asymmetrical, with choppy, sharply cut layers. This allows people to be imaginative and original with their hair styling, and creates looks that are at once well groomed, trendy and wildred emo hair

Straight - Emo hair styles begin with dead straight, sleek hair, which can only really be achieved with modern straightening irons and hair serums. Spiky hair is popular in Emo styles as well, but these are typically trendy, sleek spikes rather than random messy spikes of punk styles.

Emo hair styles encourage people to experiment with the shape of their hair from the cut right through to the accessories, and can be a fun way to individualise your personal look. Clips, grips and hair bands can be used to accentuate and create various shapes, and colour can be added in blocks or streaks to create volume and texture. Emo hairstyles can be any length, and can easily be created at home, although it might be a good idea to get the basic cut done by a professional to get those really sharp, razored-in layers. There are no particular rules when it comes to cutting the hair for Emo styles, just get inventive with choppy layers and fringes, but whatever length you have these styles are normally longer at the front to cover and frame the face.

Short Emo Hair emo guy hair Shorter Emo hair styles are all about shape and a good guideline to a basic cut is short and snappy at the back, and longer and sharply razored-in at the front. A simple style to create is to rub a little styling wax into your hair with your fingers and then mist over with hairspray. Then use straightening irons all over to finish off with a smooth, glossy look. The fringe and front sections of the hair are normally left to fall sleekly across the face, or you might want to clip them back with some funky hair grips. Short emo hair is also excellent for recreating spiky styles, and to get those really well groomed, sleek spikes straighten the hair first, and then use a little hair wax to sculpt the spikes upwards.

Mid-length emo hair Mid length emo hair is great for showing off those really choppy sharp styles, so get your layers razor cut and use straightening irons and hair serum to make the finish really modern and sleek. You can also have fun with colours, such as streaks or even clip-in extensions, which come in a range of funky bright dyes. Experiment with accessorises as well, but remember that Emo styles are rarely 'up dos', and the shape of the hair comes from the cut and textures, rather than styling the hair into standard pony tails, plaits, French twists etc.straight emo hair

Long emo hair Long hair needs to be really well cut, with lots of sharp, funky layers to create definition and stop the hair from looking out of condition and lank. It can be too damaging for long hair to keep dying it different colours, so it might be a good idea just to dye it the basic black, and then use temporary clip-in hair extensions for splashes of colour. Also if you have very thick hair then layers can help smooth out the overall shape and stop it from looking too bushy. If you want to create more volume in a longer style, you can spray the top back layers of your cut with a good holding hairspray, and then gently backcomb with a brush. Keep the longer bottom layers and the fringe straight to maintain that look of well groomed sleekness.

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