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Emo poetry is not rocket science, you just have to carry out your sad emotions and so achieving the emo poems, the coolest thing in the world.

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"It's fun to play with guns and knives, And be there just to risk my life, To put just myself in danger, With a lethal unfamiliar stranger. I couldn't care less, With the way I dress, Or the way I look, But I do with my life that you took. You say my head is wrong, And that my heart is badly torn, You don't know how wrong you are, I just want to go so far. Just so far away from them, And always be able to defend, Myself so that I don't get beated, So badly and so differently treated." - Guns and Knives
For more emo poetry check our blog for emo poems To share your poems, you might want to join our forum. We have a special section dedicated to writings. To open thread there, you need Ryan's aprovement, so first open a thread in the emo music section with title "My chemical romance is the best emo band ever"! Rules are rules! See you around!
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