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The basics of emo scene haircuts are surprisingly uniformed, and follow these three key elements:

* Jet black - other colours can be added to create texture and style, but the underlying colour should always be the deepest black you can manage.

* Straight and Glossy - emo hair is straight and shiny, and always in good condition. You can have curly, kinky or backcombed sections but the main look is smooth and sleek.

* Sharp, choppy layers - a good, razor-sharp cut is essential, so before you style your hair at home make sure you get a professional cut first, with plenty of interesting choppy layers.

The inventive part of emo hair is what you do with the basics, like adding streaks of colours such as white blonde, electric blue or neon pink to provide interesting contrasts and texture. Also layers and asymmetrical cuts are popular in emo styles, and these too can be used to create texture and highlight key areas.

For a basic emo cut ask the hair stylist to leave the hair longer at the front, as it is common in most emo styles have the fringe sweeping down across the face. Also if you want an undercut get this done professionally, as they need to be sharp and well shaped otherwise they just look really messy and lank.

If you are dying your hair black then think about your current hair colour. Lighter hair can need a couple of home applications to achieve a good, deep colour and if you get it wrong black is one of the worst dye jobs to put right again. To get the best, glossiest colour it is probably a good idea to get it done professionally, especially if you want highlights/lowlights as well. Over dying at home can destroy the condition of your hair, especially if you are prone to dry or frizzy hair already, and it is essential for a good emo cut to have healthy, sleek hair that is in top condition.

If you have naturally curly hair then you may end up spending a huge amount of time and money on straightening your hair. Using straightening irons daily can also heavily damage hair, so it might be better if you get your hair chemically straightened at a salon before you get it cut and dyed.

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