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Announcement: Updated:06/08/08 Rules & Procedures - Read before you post!

Posted by nuk

    In Charge

Luv-emo Rules and procedures

This is a great place where we all can share our stories, creations etc. We haven't created this forum for us, but for you. Please follow these rules to keep your forum clean and organized.

#6 Don't use meaningless topic titles!

#6 Don't spam the forum with your site ! You will be banned right away with no exception.

#6 Do not post the same thing in multiple sections. Make sure you search the forum first to make sure you won't be making a duplicate thread. This will help keep the forum much more organized.

#6 Try to be nice. No name calling, personal attacks or foul language! If someone posts something you don't like, please don't flame them just because you don't like it or you don't agree with them. Everyone is entitled to state their opinion as long as the rules are followed.

#6 Don't post garbage in the music forum! If you're not sure about a band, post it in "Others"!

#6 Do not use fonts larger than size #5 in your signature or when you post, or all capital letters. This show bad taste and can impersonate other members.

#6 Don't use big pictures in your signature or small pictures that have 3 lines between them!

#6 Do not create multiple accounts. If you are found to own multiple accounts, they will all be banned. If you would like a change of name pm one of the admins and we will review your situation!

#6 Do not make 1-3 word posts such as "yes" or "maybe!" This is considered spam and unacceptible. They do not contribute to the community at all and are a waste of space. If you can't think of something else to say then i may suggest to look somewhere else to socialize with people.


If you ever notice someone violating the rules, we would greatly appreciate if you would take a few extra seconds and report the problem. This community is what you make out of it. While you aren’t required to help out, this forum will be a better place if you do.
A reporters’ confidentiality is always protected so members have no way of knowing who reported them.

How to report:
Making a report is simple an easy. All you need to do is:
1) Click on the “Report” button at the bottom left hand corner of the problem post.
2) Type up a short description on the problem
3) Click the “Submit Report” button.
That’s it! You are done, and we will handle it from here.

If you received a warning for violating the rules, don’t make a big deal out of it. Warnings are used as to help members become aware of our forum rules.

Only you and the moderating team can see your warning level, so it is not a “scarlet mark.” If you don’t say anything about it, nobody will know. Your warning level will be reduced over time if you can show us that you can stop breaking the rules for 1 month.

If this time period has passed, and you feel your warning level should be lowered, you may kindly send a PM to one of the staff and he will evaluate if it should be reduced or not.

Getting too many warnings will result in temporary bans, as follow:
60% - 3 days
80% - 1 week
100% - 1 month