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Scene Kids

Scene kids are on the surface basically just emo kids. But don't day that to their face, they don't like it. The main difference between emos and scene kids is that, scene kids tend to care more about their appearance than their actual emotions; a major faux pas in the emo community. Scene kids are a lot less depressed and a lot more...neon.

Appearance wise scene kids are very similar to emos, but attitude wise they couldn't be more different. Scene kids go out of their way to appear to be adorable. They show how adorable they are by worshipping Hello Kitty (arguably the most loveable mouth less cartoon cat ever) making obscure references to ninjas, and roaring at people for no obvious reason...RAWR. Scene kids also have a dictionary that the majority of people do not have access to. They can be quite difficult to understand at times, but usually you can work out what information they are trying to convey by sounding out the word to recognise them phonetically.

Example: RAWWR = To utter a loud, deep, prolonged sound, especially in distress, rage, or excitement. Kayyy = In proper or satisfactory operational or working order. Awshum = Expressing awe. Kiiid = The young of a similar animal, such as an antelope or goat. Bikthx = A female canine animal, especially a dog. Baaaby = A very young child; an infant.

A lot of scene spelling consists of adding another letter to whatever letter in a specific word has the longest sound. Other scene lingo includes "rad", "Ace", "stellar" "Oh-em-gee" and pretty much any sort of cheesy slang from the 1980s is good. Also they use abbreviations a lot, especially when they're uncomfortable, they always try to make sure that no one knows what they mean. Example: "I'm going to the mall" would be IGTTM. Because a short cut to conveying happy-go-luckiness, is to not write prober fully formed sentences. Scene kids can most likely be found on Myspace or other social networking sites such as Facebook, Stickam, Buzznet and Bebo. Where they play an interesting scene game the goal of which is rather simple; to have an equal number of friends and photos...and they have a lot of photos. Between taking pictures and adding friends, they fill their social networking time by putting up eye sore backgrounds and ear bleeding music.

When not on the internet, scene kids can be spotted at shows. Shows are important, and all scene kids know everything about their music. A favourite pass time of scene kids is to get to know some local bands, be their friends, and then brag about it!

One more thing; real scene kids never admit they are scene, this makes them look like posers and nobody wants to be seen as a poser because they're no fun!
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