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Screamo is a small tight knit grassroots musical community. It is linked directly to emo (yet another thing most of you kids know next to nothing about). Screamo emerged in the early mid 90's both in the states and in parts of europe, some early screamo bands were Anomie, Saetia, Portraits Of Past, and Orchid. Screamo proved to be a faster more abrasive counter part to it's parent genre emotive hardcore (emo). Some key active screamo bands today are: Loma Prieta, Danse Macabre, Ampere, Comadre, and La Quiete.

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Now for the final key pieces of info: NO, screaming does not make you "screamo", screamo is deemed as such based on the actual music, sure the vocals come into play but it has most to do with the actual music, for example Neil Perry, Yaphet Kotto and a few others have actual written completely instrumental screamo songs.

The following bands are not screamo: underoath, silverstein, alesana, bless the fall, the used, from first to last etc. These bands are aggresive modern rock/edgy pop punk with accented screamed vocals.

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