Cricket Betting Sites Meets the World of Emo | Is Gambling an Emo Sport?

Cricket Betting Sites

We know what you’re thinking, in fact, we’ll even bet on it. What the hell does the love of being an Emo have to do with online cricket betting sites? Well, this entire guide is going to be looking at the links between Emo and online betting sites. But how close can the ties really be? Well, off the bat or cricket bat, cricket could be the most Emo game ever, giving how depressingly boring the sport actually is. Watching it alone makes you want to kill yourself, and as is the Emo stereotype, those ties are pretty close-knit.

This is sarcasm, of course. There really are no direct ties between being an Emo and cricket, but for one thing, Imran Emo, one of the greatest cricketers of all time, who only played four games in his entire career and there is some ropey looking footage as proof of this, nothing much else can be said of him but hey, the link is there.

Cricket can be emo

Cricket can be Emo most definitely, if you swapped the all-white look of the general cricket uniform and made it black with a few rips in the knees, you know, to give off that Emo vibe. There perhaps would be nothing more daunting than having to face a cricket team of slightly depressed looking Emos, all listening to Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy, through their headphones, whilst perhaps adding eyeliner instead of focusing on the game.

Can cricket be Emo? Well, it’s the wrong kind of question really, you can’t take the subject of sport and fit it into a subculture.

Is football new romantic? Is tennis skinhead? What really should be asked is can cricket be enjoyed by Emo? Well, one, cricket is perhaps the most boring game to ever exist on the planet, so the chances are slim, but stranger things have happened, the band Panic at the Disco was paid to make an album, now that is weird and this coming from an Emo.

Cricket betting sites online

Anyway, on the to the real reason for this guide, getting Emo people to part with their money by heading into links like, so that they can discover the top cricket betting sites to enjoy all the top IPL cricket and, no, the irony of promoting an India cricket site on a website focused on western musical subculture is the kind of deranged idealism we like here, but hey if you wanted the link, we can always turn to our four match hero Imran Emo.

Now, allow us to pitch what is perhaps the most glaringly obvious feature of this guide to those based in India which this guide is really for and whilst we are at it, if you are from India and are unfamiliar to what being an Emo is, then please end all interest immediately, it basically boils down to bad decision making caused through puberty and ties in with overly lame music that holds very little to no artistic merit what-so-ever.

Now… on with the cricket, perhaps the only thing Indian people can relate to out of all things brought in from Western culture, certainly more so than Emo gods Jimmy Eat World.

The best sites for cricket betting online

So, the best cricket betting sites is what we wish to introduce players from India to and through sites like, you will have access to the top 10 online cricket betting sites, plus exclusive access to casino bonuses that are able to offer you special credit to play games with more cash in your bankroll.

The current top 10 cricket betting sites in India looks a bit like this:

  1. 22 Bet

  2. Betway

  3. 10 Cric

  4. Funbet

  5. Royal Panda

  6. Leo Vegas

  7. Spin Sports

  8. 888 Sports

  9. Dafabet

  10. 1xBet

Each of these betting sites presents a welcome bonus to all new registered players. Read the terms and conditions before using them because the terms will lay out the real cost of the offers that are presented.

Bet on cricket

Why bet on cricket inside of betting sites found online rather than use the nearest bookmakers? Well, for one walking can be tiresome, two, you may not have a local bookie near you, meaning that you’ may need to drive there. That option now seems a bit too much seeing as you are now paying for petrol and the bet. Well, online is far simpler. Casinos that host online sports betting platforms can just as easily be accessed from mobile smartphone, just like any other form of online service.

Online, the betting sites are far greater in their service of cricket and all other sporting features. This includes being able to watch the cricket event live!

Best sites

The best in online cricket betting sites offer their members fantastic live streaming services that gives cricket fans, Emo, Indian or otherwise, a chance to see their favourite team play in real-time and also allows them to make in-play bets that adds to the immersive qualities of online betting.

All the best cricket betting sites in India will be able to offer fans a host of cricket leagues and tournaments.

Example of this include:

• Indian Premier League

• One Day International

• T20 Internationals

• EC S Italy

• The Hundred

• Sheffield Shield

• The Ashes

Betting site

When it comes to using the top betting sites out there on the internet, you will have the largest variety of market odds to pick from. The betting sites will give you far more specific betting attributes within the game than any land-based bookies. Here are just some betting examples you can put your rupees on within the best sports sites online.

• Winner of the match

• Winner of the coin toss

• Team to win toss and match

• First ball dot or not

• First ball of match

• Highest opening partnership

• Highest score first six overs

• Method of first dismissal

• Most fours in match

• Most sixes in match

• Any player to score a century

• Will match end in a tie

• Player to hit most sixes

• Player to take two wickets

• Man of the match

And that’s all there is to online cricket, and if you didn’t believe that our sole tie to Emo and Cricket existed, just check out these 10 Most Emo Moments in Cricket.