Sports Betting Emotions | Play with Head or Heart | Manage and Control Yourself

Sports Betting Emotions: Play with Head or Heart

Sports betting is the most immersive form of gambling there is. With both emotional investment whether it’s through the sport itself or through the team you cherish, this can be like a dagger in the heart if it doesn’t go your way. Add to this the financial investment, then sports betting can really be a recipe for disaster.

Sports betting is massively stressful and when you have a 10 game accumulator and it loses by one bet, there is no worse, gut-wrenching feeling to have a fortune taken away from you because some team that should have won by a country mile couldn’t defeat a team 16 places below them in the league.

When you gambling online and within the sporting markets, this can be an all too familiar scenario, so we’re presenting this guide to discuss emotions that happen throughout sports betting and how we can better control what happens to us.

How to manage the ups and downs of betting

In the spectrum of gambling, sports betting is by far a bigger enterprise for business than a general casino game. There are many casinos online that have integrated with sportsbooks and from this have seen their revenue explode.

Your experience will first be determined by the quality of the sports betting website that you join. IN Ireland, there are many great betting sites that allow Irish players access to a host of global sports. The Irish are masters of sports betting, especially the horses and there are horse racing events across the world seemingly every day, all day. Try and find someone more emotionally attached to sports than a person from Ireland, you’d struggle, that’s for sure.

When it comes to picking the best sites, look for those that are able to offer the sports you are interested in but can also offer you live streaming services, so you can see all the action play out in real-time (most live streaming does have a 2 to 15 second delay).

Supporting you, the casino should provide the best betting insurance features. For example, should you lose by one game on a 5+ accumulator bet slip, your wager will be reimbursed. There are also bonuses that pay out bets when teams are two goals up and should an accumulator of 4+ games win, a further percentage is added to boost your winnings.

These qualities are what you need to be looking for as they will help you to control your emotions. Since the cashout option can into effect, it has enabled players to remove all stress and take a payment whether up or down in their bet at the time.

Keep a check on the emotion meter

Never chase the money, it never pays to chase a loss because you felt you didn’t deserve to lose. Sports can throw out every unexpected results. If games like football were easy, we would all be experts in betting and millionaires by now.

Betting should be done in a relaxed atmosphere. If your team is playing, then there is a potential for the emotions to spike with or without a bet on. Most players will gamble against a team in order to jinx the result and settle for an emotional state of win-win. If the bet loses it means my team won, should they have lost, the bet wins and financial returns do ever-so soothe a broken heart.

During games, in-play betting is available, you can also edit bets, meaning you can adjust and up stakes to suit the flow of the game. Note that changing bets may have an effect on any promotion booster.

By following the games this way, you are given a degree of control. And doing in-play bets come with less risk, seeing that watching the game gives you a better sense of play that a digital computerised projection of the movements that casinos provide as part of the sportsbook service.

Mind over matter

If you find that you are too involved emotionally, then you’re perhaps someone that also has OCD or superstitious traits. In times of panic and a feeling to right the wrongs, it’s best to use a mantra to calm you.

Bets will go wrong. Nothing you do will ever affect a game being played miles away. The team strategy was wrong, and the players just didn’t perform. Getting too involved and worked up is never a good thing, you need to enjoy the moment. Sports without the betting is hard enough if your team is underperforming. To have money invested in it too makes it very annoying when it all fails.

Time and time again

Take the time to assess where it all went wrong before, do you find that certain teams just aren’t consistent, are you fully researching all there is to know that needs to be known to make a bet that is, in your mind, a dead cert?

If you are losing time and time again, then you need to take the time to re-evaluate the situation. A madman is someone that does the same thing over and over again and expecting different results from the same action.

There are thousands of markets in sports betting and rather pick winners at fulltime, try them at half time. Predict scores, corners, fouls. Try something different each time and see what you have a knack of predicting.

Discipline brings clarity

Money management is super important. When that win you needed didn’t land, then beating of that heart is a reminder that you need to manage things better. Spending money to make money is always a risk. Controlling assets is the first step. Win small but plenty of time, rather than pay big and not win at all. Take a step back after each failed week or each successful week and see what you did right and what you did wrong.

There are hundreds of sporting events and fixtures throughout the day, money is there to be made, but it doesn’t have to be rush. Bet smart and sensibly and if you are to lose, let the losses be of insignificance rather than overbearing.

Gut feelings

One of the strongest emotions is the gut feeling you get and regular gamblers on sport know this all too well, “I should have gone with that, I knew they’d win”. As insane as the feeling may be if you feel there is an upset on the cards then bet as you feel. This is your mind and instinct at its most peaceful, you’re not overthinking and more often than not in sports betting you’re more right than wrong when going with that gut feeling.