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Best Emo Slots Online: 10 Vampire Slots to Sink Your Money Into

When looking into Emo gaming online, there is not much choice for those with a different take on the word, so going with the stereotype that all emo’s love the Twilight films, we have come up with a top 10 list of vampire online slots that emos can sink their teeth into.

There is an abundance of horror-themed games online and Vampires lead the race such is the mythical being’s popularity. Feeling brave enough to venture into the world of fanged beings? Will your stake make a killing and land a huge jackpot? Well, we present the 10 best online slots that may just provide the thrills and chills for your gaming experience.

Playing slots online

Online slots are the most popular casino game there is and there are so many of them. Slots are super easy to play, all you do is click the spin button and the game does the rest for you. When you load a slot machine up, the first thing you do is select the amount of money you wish to spend per spin. Winning is based on the formation of symbols. Typically, you need to align three or more of the same symbol for it to qualify for a cash prize.

Within various slot games online, there are bonus rounds to play that will help you boost your winning potential. All casino slots have a jackpot prize to play for. These can climb as high as 250,000 dollars, which is enough to buy some black eyeliner to last a lifetime.

Of the games we present in this top 10 list, you will be able to experience them yourself.

Head to the Casimoose site and you will be able to enjoy these top 10 vampire games for free in their demo mode format. Definitely, something you are going to want to take a bite out of. Plus whilst there, Canadian players can join the best online casino in Canada to play these top 10 games for real money.

Top 10 Vampire online slots

They suck, but they don’t suck. All the top 10 are of equal worth so we haven’t ordered them 10 to 1. They are all number one as far as we are concerned otherwise, we would have spent weeks deliberating over the order, like trying to pick your favourite Paramore albums. Without further ado, here are the top emo slots online that are based on vampires because emo’s love vampires.

Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance by Microgaming was one of the first major vampire slots to come out and this one was actually made to coincide with the hype of the Twilight film which caused huge interest in all things undead. The whole vampire revival thing at the time was everywhere, TV, Movies, Books, and now online slot machines – Yay!

Step beyond the cheesy title and Microgaming offers a solid game that possesses many gaming features and a jackpot prize of $325,000. This is still a hugely popular game despite being over 10 years old now. Animation-wise it is a bit dated, but the gameplay still will be amongst the best. Enjoy the bonus rounds and here’s hoping your stake pays off perfectly.

Blood Suckers 1

Blood Suckers 1 by NetEnt is the first in this two-part gaming series. Blood Suckers is a more user-friendly looking vampire slot. Nothing in this game is going to keep you awake at night. This is NetEnt’s first attempt at making a vampire slot. Later they did improve but the importance of this game puts it on the list. If you want something more modern looking then we recommend NetEnt’s Universal Studios Vampire slot which is part-based on the movie that dropped the same year that focuses on the pre-blood sucking days of the Vlad.

This game was important not just because it gave players a chance to win 100,000 dollars, but because it used innovative software that introduced the gamble concept in slot games, so every win could be bet on in a side game feature.

Blood Suckers 2

In the follow up to the success of Blood Suckers 1, Blood Suckers 2 by NetEnt gave players better animation graphics, features, and rewards. The first game seemed to present a seemingly unfinished concept, whereas this sequel gave NetEnt a chance to tie up loose ends. The jackpot rose to 200,000 dollars and free spin bonuses were added and overall a nicer, smoother-looking game was the result and worthy of its top ten placement.

The Vampires

The Vampires by Endorphina presents a slot that is well presented and offers one of the best bonus rounds on the list. This was Endorphina’s first vampire slot and was released a year after Blood Suckers 1, so at the time there was pressure to outclass the best developer at the time. Vampires is a slot that is crisp to play, and the animation isn’t overly cartoony and this game the game a greater appeal. The jackpot helped also, with a prize sum of 250,000 dollars to be won. Fun with a good soundtrack to accompany the game, which always helps with the mood.

Undying Passion

Undying Passion by Spinomenal brought an eastern Manga vibe to the slot world and the world of vampires. The standout features were the animation firstly. This was all computer animation to give it almost a 3D quality. The game is hugely stylish, when you win it cuts to black and white with the winning line still displayed in colour. The jackpot of this game comes in at 150,000 dollars. It comes with a 25 free spins bonus round feature to help players win more money.

Vampire: The Masquerade Las Vegas

Vampire: The Masquerade Las Vegas by Foxium is the mother of all emo vampire slots. This is the one that peeps will relate to most. A young, handsome, rock-star-looking vampire with eyes on the neck of his loved one, oh the romance of it all.

This is a very stylish game with some of the best animation on the list. The gaming grid is different, offering a 3 x 5 game platform. With expanding wild symbols and a thrilling bonus feature round, this slot was an absolute must for this compilation of games that suck but don’t suck.

Dark Hearts

Dark Hearts by Rival Gaming was the first to say to hell with male vampires. This slot is a refreshing take on other games before it because it went with the female lead. Not so cute and innocent looking as she’d have you believe. This game comes with a bloodlust free spins feature that also has re-spins that can be triggered to further prolong the feature. This is also a multiple payline game with 243 ways to win. The jackpot of this is 100,000 dollars. The animation is clean, using large symbols for the game and the colour scheme really helps to bring the perfect mood to the game. A really strong online slot to play.

Blood Queen

Blood Queen by Iron Dog looks to shake off as much cartoonish style as possible that has dogged this gaming theme way too much. This is a more darker game than the rest and doesn’t hold back. This is game which brings expanding wild symbols, free spin bonuses, a jackpot of 200,000 dollars, and all presented with finesse and lovely style. The game dropped in October of 2017 and was one of the first made by Iron Dog developers who had not been long on the casino scene. It definitely ticks all the boxes to make it on our list of top emo slots to play and see for yourself why.

Vampire Bats

Vampire Bats by Amaya is the comic book of vampire slots, this is trashy, classic, colour rich, tacky, bizarre and its perfect. This game is one of the most visual on the list given it has an illuminating pop behind the symbols. You have the Frightmare Jackpots to win, the jackpot for this game increase as you up your wagering stake. The game offers free spins as a bonus feature and comes with re-spins with the vampire bat landing on reels 2 and 4. With your holy water, stakes and cross, you’re well-guarded to see this game out and leave with enough money in your bankroll to play another day.

Blood Eternal

Blood Eternal by BetSoft is the game that encapsulates all the other games before it. visually stunning with a blood red tinted background that is illuminated by candles, the game is gothic, royal, neat, bold and has a 3 x 6 grid. This is lavish gaming that has 50 paylines and a free spins bonus feature. This would not be a justified list if this game were not on it. perfect with a 100,000-dollar jackpot to be won.